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Love the emerging artisanal distillers

Here is a story from the Charlotte Observer about a new Gin from North Carolina made in a former textile mill….

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Vodka infusions

Initially I was not impressed with the idea of flavored vodkas, seemed all to frou-frou and contrived, and many of them are, but as we put aside pride and assumptions we can be surprised. Vanilla-flavored vodka was my first tepid … Continue reading

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Recipe Updates – Chocolate Martini

I originally concocted the Chocolate Martini for Carol in 2009 using the Godiva Original Dark Chocolate Liqueur. Godiva in their wisdom changed their formula for that liqueur and, while the new formula still works for making the chocolate martini the … Continue reading

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Register your Luxury Edition

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays! Those of you that bought or received the luxury edition this holiday season, thank you! I just finished making an Old-Fashioned, cheers, to use up some of the oranges my aunt sent from Florida (she … Continue reading

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Prep work

A few years ago I decided that I was tired of the same old, same old. So we dusted off an old tradition and started enjoying the cocktail hour. This was at the beach, and we generally have a rotating … Continue reading

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