Register your Luxury Edition

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

Those of you that bought or received the luxury edition this holiday season, thank you!

I just finished making an Old-Fashioned, cheers, to use up some of the oranges my aunt sent from Florida (she is very thoughtful about my needs for garnish.) And we are debating on how early we will start on the egg nog in the morning – I think 10 is not too early… before heading out to dinner here in Sun Valley.

I hope you will register your copy with us so that I can send you updates, corrections, and as new editions are published the new recipes to add to your personal copy if you want.

Send me an email to with your book number and your contact information.

When you register I’ll immediately send you a copy of the pocket edition of Frank’s Little Black Bar Book to carry with you. The pocket edition will fit in your shirt pocket, or inside jacket pocket and includes all the recipes in the luxury edition without the commentary. I’ve found that invariably my memory flags just as I sit at the bar and this pocket edition is a great help in my advancing years.

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