Recipe Updates – Chocolate Martini

I originally concocted the Chocolate Martini for Carol in 2009 using the Godiva Original Dark Chocolate Liqueur. Godiva in their wisdom changed their formula for that liqueur and, while the new formula still works for making the chocolate martini the texture, color and consistency are very different from what I intended.

I wanted to make this a dark chocolate martini, no creamy taste or texture, and after some searching I have found an excellent substitute for the old Godiva, Trader Vic’s Chocolate Liqueur. It tastes very similarly and is a bit less expensive.

I’ve talked to several of you about making the chocolate martini with new Godiva formula and there seems to be no problem, so just make a note in your book about the choice you’ve got now between a dark chocolate martini with the Trader Vic’s or a chocolate martini with the Godiva.


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